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    These rules are in place to keep the peace in the community.
    Please read the contents of this thread.
    Failure to do so, will result in a lack of knowledge and the risk of getting warned or a ban from CrazyIM.

    Forum Rules

    1. About Advertising
    Members that join the forums for the sole reason to advertise will be permanently banned from the forums. Signatures are currently disabled. Only post links to external web pages when a member asks for the information or if the content is useful to the topic. Linking to porn, warez and casino websites are strictly prohibited.

    2. About Serious Threats & Flame Wars
    As a member, you are not allowed to threaten any member of the forum. If it's a non-serious joke, we will not consider it as breaking the forum rules. Also, starting flame wars are strictly prohibited.

    3. Do Not Create Duplicate Accounts
    You are only allowed ONE forum account. Please do not create two forum accounts to cheat the system in any way. Doing so, may result in both/all accounts being terminated. If you feel that you should have another account for a good cause, please contact one of the administrators and we might work something out for you.

    4. Do Not SPAM
    If you're unfamiliar with the term "spam", it's basically junk. When posting in the forums, please avoid spamming. Make sure to start threads in the correct forum. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact a member of staff.

    5. Do Not Swear (or limit the use of) In Public Forums
    (Recently added - 12/11/12) - Please try to limit the use of swearing/cursing in public forums (or censor it). We allow it in our private forums and chatbox/live-chat systems, however, we recommend that you avoid the language in the public, guest areas, of the forum.

    Note: If you find anyone breaking the forum rules, you can report a post by pressing the report button, :thumbsup: .
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Thread Status:
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