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    This tutorial will teach you how to create an account at, a smartphone and tablet forum. Joining our forums gives you the ability to reply to posted messages, start threads, private message members, and much more. This tutorial was created to help the people that were searching for guides Via Google Search, about how to join our forums (but found nothing).

    Finding the "Register" link :

    The "register" link is located at several parts of the forum.

    Locations :
    • Homepage of in guest message -
    • Global Header : right-hand side, it says, "Sign Up Now for FREE"
    • Header Slider : top of the forum - text says, "login or sign up"
    However, if you are unable to find any of the locations above, please use this link (direct link to the registration page).

    Confirming Your eMail :

    Every member is required to confirm their email address after registering for an account.

    This is to :
    • reduce the total number of spammers that we have to deal with
    • help prevent duplicate account creation
    • alert you when you have a new private message, etc (you can choose to disallow emails)
    • help you generate a new password if you lose your old one
    After you have successfully confirmed your email, you should have access to the forums.

    Logging Into Your Account :

    In the header, you can find a drop-down login menu (red arrow points to the trigger to view the drop-down login menu).


    From the menu, you can login to your account.

    Having problems registering for an account? Contact Us :

    Feel free to contact us if you ever encountered an issue during registration.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.