How To Add Members to The 'Who is Online' Live Chat List

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    Update ( 19th December 2011 ) : Members are now displayed on the who's online list when they're online.

    This thread shows how to add members to the 'who's online' list on the live chat.

    This feature works, so that you can contact users on the forum who follows you.
    If you want to communicate with someone easily, you should follow them back if they follow you.

    To follow a member, you are required to press the "follow" button. ( Locations : member card, user profile, etc.. )


    Explanation How It Works :

    Let's say John and Jessica are members on the forum.

    John follows Jessica, therefore, Jessica can see John on her who's online list.

    Although, John does not see Jessica on his who's online list, since Jessica isn't following John.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.