How long does it take to learn web design?

Discussion in 'Graphic & Web Design Discussions' started by Tetutato, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Tetutato Let Go My AnDroid

    Taking out the time required to learn skills for photoshop, etc to make it outstanding, how long does it take in general to learn how to design a website?
  2. paradox235 I'm Not Crazy, or Am I

    Depends, are you talking about creating a whole website from scratch, or just a page (say a homepage, for instance)? The best way to learn is following a tutorial at first, or asking someone for help.

    HTML and CSS are easy. Javascript/jQuery gets a little more complicated. PHP, Ruby, and all the rest are beyond my scope :p
  3. Dilum New Kid on the Block

    It's not an easy task. But you can learn it through internet easily. Search google in web design
  4. Tetutato Let Go My AnDroid

    I've tried doing such things one time but I always seem to mess up at one point. :/ Also I'm talking about designing a theme for like MyBB, etc.
  5. Ikram Crazy Drama Queen

    Well, with a keen interest you can even learn in within a month or even earlier! :)
  6. Tetutato Let Go My AnDroid

    Actually I'm considering taking Web Design course next year in my HS Junior year. So hopefully that'll teach me a lot. :)
  7. Elseb Crazy Drama Queen

    It depends how serious you are about learning, there are quite a few tutorials online to get you started.
  8. Shortie861 I Got The Good Stuff

    Agree with the above comment it does depend on how keen you are when it comes down to wanting to learn. I myself self taught much of what I know so I have taken a while to know half as much as what I know now but that has been because I have learnt as I needed to know rather than learning all at one time.
  9. Victoria Let Go My AnDroid

    A lifetime.
  10. F0x3d New Kid on the Block

    I'd recommend going to college and getting your bachelors degree. :)
  11. 50Cent Let Go My AnDroid

    It all depends on yourself, do you have the determination to get yourself keep going to learn new things in web design?
  12. Tetutato Let Go My AnDroid

    That depends on the situation but when I'm doing something like this, I'm usually pretty determined ;)
  13. dilawer Forum Moderator

    ok, So Now I am "DETERMINED" to learn Web Design as well :)
  14. Ferron Hey, I'm A Member

    It's really the way you think of it. Learning web design in general takes a long time but learning HTML and CSS or learning a specific web design technique doesn't take as long as mastering the whole of web design. In other words, break up your learning so you can be successful :)
  15. Ronin Forum Moderator

    I guess the answer is the same as with any skill you want to learn. You will be able to learn it easily enough, but it takes a lifetime to perfect it. Things change new crazes come out, new things trend, and you have to learn about these to keep yourself updated about things that happen in your field.
  16. Shahrier Crazy Drama Queen basically taught me almost everything I know. I still to this day go back to it for reference.
  17. GAK New Kid on the Block

    I don't believe anyone is ever DONE learning how to design, as you are always learning techniques and features within your software and how to do different things. My recommendation is to just experiment and try a variety of things in your design.
  18. Adriana Highly Addictive User

    Victoria said it... it takes a lifetime!
    Let me explain.
    You start with your basics, a little graphics basics, some HTML, CSS basics, then you learn how to combine the two and how to use an FTP client. That's easy.
    Now, to get to the fun part: you never stop learning webdesign. There are thousands of tutorials out there, you need to constantly stay updated as far as layout designing goes.
    Then you need to learn more and more, CSS, JavaScript, PHP... or whatever else you consider important for webdesign.
    Trends change everyday, new techniques come up everyday, you need to keep your eyes open and keep experimenting.
  19. Avent Forum Moderator

    A lifetime is true. You will think you know it all but you will be forever improving and learning more things as well as the coding standards and features getting better giving you more to learn.
  20. 3DWaffle1 Let Go My AnDroid

    It will take a life time of learning. There are always something you don't know However, you will get the basic in about one week.