Have the internet made book stores lose sales to online sales of cheaper used books, and ebooks?

Discussion in 'Technology and Internet Talk' started by Johnson Yip, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. Johnson Yip I Got The Good Stuff

    Yes, when ever I needed to buy a book for school, or to read, I just go on Amazon or eBay and look for the cheapest used price of a book I can get. If I can find a cheaper eBook version of the book, I would also consider buying it.

    I haven't been to a real book store in many years.
  2. web ninja CrazRoid.com Editor

    Of course, but I do like the feel of real books... But, I also have a kindle.

    But, I don't think I have ever looked for used books "online".

    a lot of but's...
  3. Johnson Yip I Got The Good Stuff

    I mainly use the library to borrow books which I want to read since I might as well use it since I'm paying taxes and tuition (when I was in school) to use the library to make it free to use for everyone.

    I like the feeling of real books as well, and I usually buy them from Amazon, eBay, or Abebooks since I'm willing to wait a few weeks, but save 25% or more off the price from buying at a store.

    If I was more into reading novels, and fiction books, I probably shop more at my local used books store or when the library is selling books since some of their prices are pretty good for used book prices.

    I mostly bought used books online because the college book store sell used books at high prices by only discounting used books at a few dollars.

    But, I usually just bought books from previous students of the course, or students who dropped out of the course earlier before I bought my books for the course.
  4. web ninja CrazRoid.com Editor

    You said "but"... HAHAHAHA:p